AutoHotkey script to rip DVDs


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DVD Rip is an AutoHoykey script the simplifies the DVD ripping process to the max. All you need to do after starting up the program is enter a name for the resulting file, and little more.

Of course, if you want to use DVD Rip you'll need to download and install another program (DVD Shrink) and correct, through a text editor, some of the variables in the dvdrip.ini file.

Use your text editor to open dvdrip.ini, which you'll find in the same folder as DVD Rip. There are six variables included in this file.

For the first, you need to indicate the location of the executable file of DVD Shrink, which by default should be: C:->Program Files->DVD Shrink->DVD Shrink 3.2.exe (if the version changes, don't forget to update the name of the program).

The second variable indicates the place where you'll be saving the file with the movie. You should enter an existing directory. Lastly, in the last value you'll need to specify the DVD unit that you'll be using throughout the process.